A 3D interactive environment (3DIE) is an application that handles with tridimensional information. It could be entertainment, artistic or prductive purpose. This course pursues teach students on 3DIE development with resources available in the Colivri laboratory. Also, with a deep knowledge of such applications, technologies in use and the state of the art of that area.


  • To know the state of the art of development of 3DIEs.
  • To offer deeply knowledge of available technologies in development od 3dIEs.
  • To know the available resources for developing 3DIE in Colivri.
  • Analize several environments for developing 3DIEs.
  • To develop several 3DIEs. Analize its development process and also its final product.


This course is developed through three proyects in groups of two students. The first of them is developed with commertcial tools. The second and third with experimental tools developed with research groups. It is intended to cover a broad spectrum of 3DIE and study development environments.