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Domicilio Survivor

Domicilio Survivor

Platform: Desktop Web / PC
Game Engine: Unity.
Context:Culture of recklessness from motorcyclists.

In many cities in northern Colombia there is a culture of recklessness from motorcyclists of all kinds (motorcycle taxi drivers, delivery men, etc) regarding traffic signs. With this project it is hoped to cover the subject in such a way that the player understands the consequences of recklessness in real life. Taking this into account, satire will be used as the main tool to avoid presenting the video game as educational content, so that it can effectively communicate a message.


Beta at itch.io


Pablo Figueroa Forero
Associate Professor
Santiago de Jesús Serrano Ayarza S
Santiago de Jesús Serrano Ayarza
Carlos Andrés Orduz Pinilla C
Carlos Andrés Orduz Pinilla
Jesús Orlando Cárcamo Posada J
Jesús Orlando Cárcamo Posada