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Bogotá Metro InfoVis

Bogotá Metro InfoVis

Bogotá city is going to build a metro system in the next few years. The Institute for urban development (IDU) from Bogotá wants to have an overview of the impact of this change in the inhabitants and also to have a study for value capture in order to finance the system. Along with the school of architecture, the group for urban and regional sustainability (SUR) from Universidad de los Andes have proposed a study for value capture and urban planning using a transit oriented development system.

To create such a study, SUR group have created a set of 4 topics to analyze the current situation of the areas surrounding the future metro stations: urban and spatial, transportation, economics, and urban policies. Each of these topics have a set of views that are designed to show the results of the diagnostic studies using a wide set of analysis tools and software. This project is created to supply the need of communication of such results in a way that all involved stakeholders can have access to the most updated data in an easy to use interface.”


José Tiberio Hernández
Honorary Professor
Juan Camilo Ibarra J
Juan Camilo Ibarra