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Interactive Urban Spatio-Temporal Data Exploration A Web Approach

The analysis of spatio-temporal heterogeneous data is considered as a big challenge due to the emerging of vast quantities of such information that considers the resolution of the questions “what, when and where”. Thus, in urban planning such analysis, through visual analytics, represent a big yearn to experts to get to know perhaps hidden and valuable information, supporting their decision making. This emerging field has various investigations which are briefly mentioned in order to get an idea of what is currently done and how. In this order of ideas, experts on the field, through this brief approximation, can get a notion of how the data is structured and, through the very best visualization to represent the current data selection of interest, regarding spatio-temporality, get an overview of the dataset as a whole. This article presents a web approach to offer exploration tools of spatio-temporal data. This proposal is illustrated by a first prototype to show its technical feasibility and, a review of differents proposals is presented and how, based on its analysis, is structured this proposal and its future evaluation.

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José Tiberio Hernández
Honorary Professor